Leadership Lessons from Rockstars
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Leadership Lessons from Rockstars

In this masterclass, Peter shares insights from his work with classic rock, blues and jazz musicians on the transferable lessons from the music business to your business. No, not the makeup, hairdos and fans, but the blood, sweat and tears that turn a young hopeful into a Class A brand. Peter has played with people with pedigrees ranging from Ozzy Osbourne, Deep Purple, Prince, Meatloaf and many more. If you wish, he will bring the live stars to your company to share their stories and secrets.

Music hall of fame

  • What can Meatloaf teach you about relationships?
  • What can Prince teach you about reinvention ... and what can't he?
  • What can Bernie Tormé teach you about crowdfunding?
  • What can The Godfather of Punk teach you about disruptive innovation and the interface between business and art?
  • What can Pink and Pink Floyd teach you about attitude and marketing?
  • What can Django Reinhardt, Jeff Beck and John Etheridge teach you about improvisation and creativity?

In all cases, we ensure that the music examples are firmly tied to the ground with solid business principles. For example we tie our examples to the business-music mix:

The Music-Business Model

For aspiring or practising leaders who believe that an MBA = Much Bigger Amplifiers. This keynote, extends to a complete masterclass over several days and nights according to your needs. We can locate it in a studio such as Abbey Road, Rockfield Studios, where Tubular Bells and Bohemian Rhapsody were cut, Sarm Studios, where Live Aid was recorded etc.


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