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Top 20 Tips on business from music

In this seminar, Peter Cook discusses 20 top tips for business from the world of music. If you choose this seminar, Peter will fist discuss your needs from a wide palette of business themes, such as: strategy, creativity, innovation, leadership, change, HR, marketing etc. He will then prepare an event that will engage your people's heads, hearts and souls, taking account of your company's needs. Some example themes are listed below to whet your appetites.

  • What can U2 teach you about strategic management?
  • What can Lady Gaga teach you about engagement and online media?
  • What can Nigel Kennedy and great jazz musicians teach you about improvisation?
  • What can we learn from Taylor Swift about making money from business?
  • What can we learn from Queen about brand management?
  • What can we learn from Deep Purple and Rival Sons about creativity within constraints?
  • What can we learn from Madonna and David Bowie about marketing?

Keynotes and masterclasses that blend business and music

Should you wish, we are able to augment this keynote with a live band, offering you the possibility of a live performance of some of the top 20 hits with professional musicians as an 'aftershow' component to the keynote experience. For an unforgettable experience contact us at The Academy of Rock.


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