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Punk Rock People Management

A no-nonsense guide to hiring, inspiring and firing staff

In "Punk Rock People Management" I have stripped down HR to the bare essentials for busy people and those who are sick of HR jargon getting in the way of running a business. 

Punk Rock HR is about three things that are desperately needed in the HR profession: Simplicity, Brevity and Authenticity. Just like a punk rock song, keep it simple, keep it brief and keep it real. 

In the punk spirit , each chapter is very short, so you can read one in less time than it takes to pogo to a Sex Pistols or Linkin Park song!   On hearing this, Tom Peters, the world’s greatest business thinker, author and speaker tweeted me two words:  “Do it!” – Now that’s economy ! J

"Punk Rock PM" is organised using the classic ‘Life, Sex and Death HR cycle’, in other words Hiring, Inspiring and Firing.  To whet your appetite, chapter titles include:  

        Selection – Shall I stay or shall I go?

        Engagement – Pretty vacant

        Conflict – Who killed Bambi?

If you have to get things done with people and can't get no satisfaction from an HR textbook, try "Punk Rock PM" for a refreshing difference. 

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